IT Classes

While pursuing a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures, I was captured by IT. My first website is still online in very nearly original 1996 form: the German Music Database provides song lyrics for German teachers.

The most constant element of my work has been helping other people do their work and their publicity work more efficiently. I taught myself HTML — but having a class would have been far quicker.

Since 2000 I’ve been teaching various kinds of technology to various target audiences – from enterprise CMS systems for professional marketing editors to smartphones for senior citizens. I’d like to expand on my work with non-IT professionals, as smartphones become more and more essential to daily life, and not everyone is interested in teaching themselves.

My current focus is on mobility apps, to drive the #Mobilitätswende in Germany: the Change from motorized individual vehicles to bicycles and other environmentally-friendly means of transportation. I am convinced that if people know how easy it is to plan a bicycle-friendly route, they will use bicycles more. If they see how easy it is to buy a bus ticket with the phone without needing to know anything about zones or rings, they will take the bus more often.