National Theatre Live Calendars for Munich Area

So this is an experiment – I want the National Theatre Live showings to continue in the area, so I thought I’d find a way to get a better overview of all of them, in a way users can subscribe. Either with a Google Calendar below, or the Facebook page NT Live Munich Area, which I also run.

First: a dummy user clicks „interested“ on each Facebook event from the page above. (I haven’t found a way to automate creation of Facebook events, so that’s done by hand. ) That Facebook calendar is synced to that dummy user’s Google calendar, which is set to public and embedded below. It’s a dumb workaround but it works.

I had that calendar here as an iframe but it sets cookies without asking, so here as a link instead.

Next, a half-automated Google calendar that I create using Octoparse on the NTLive website. Also here as a link now.

This was all so much trouble that I don’t do it anymore. It’s annoying that events are so hard to do in different systems, they’re such a huge way to get engagement!